2017 Cub Division Winners

1st Place – $500

Erin Wallace

Easy Voter

The Easy Voter is a handheld device that allows US citizens to vote from any location on election day. It prevents voter discrimination by allowing citizens to choose when and where they vote.


2nd Place – $300

Tayton Brice

Moose Aware Flare

The Moose Aware Flare is a device to alert drivers about recently spotted wildlife and prevent accidents. It is triggered by snapping the device so the inner phosphorescent liquid capsule wall is fractured and the liquid is contained within the larger outer shell (similar to a glow stick).



3rd Place – $200

Madison Davis, Layla Thompson & Madison Sopp

Climate-Controlled Boots

Climate-Controlled Boots adapt to the weather by using a battery-operated heating device in the winter and a micro-ventilation system in the summer. This idea also won the Cub Division Fan Favorite Award.



Honorable Mentions – $50

Luke Karpik

Drone Emergency Survival Kit

The Drone Emergency Survival Kit helps people that are lost outdoors. The camera can be used to help determine your location, and it also has a dye pack that can spray the tops of trees to help search parties find your location.


Matteo Kuizenga & Cooper Muholland

All-Season Skis

All-Season Skis are multi-purpose skis that can be used on snow, pavement, and in some cases even water.



Liberty Lobe

Collapsible Carrier

The Collapsible Carrier is a portable bed for pets that can be folded up for easy transportation.


Anna Pak & Noor Shubair


The Money Scanner for the Visually Impaired is a wearable wrist strap that scans and identifies the denomination of bills.



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