2017 JR Division Winners

1st Place – $1,000

Travis Brase

Water Tank Depth Sensor

The Water Tank Depth Sensor is an ultrasonic sensor that uses sound waves to measure the amount of water in a holding tank. This idea also won the JR Division Fan Favorite Award.


2nd Place – $500

Carter Mahler & Jace Henry

School Bus Tracker

School Bus Tracker is an app for students and parents to track the location of their school bus. It also alerts bus drivers if a student is not riding the bus that day so they don’t wait for the students.



3rd Place – $300

James Walker

LetsGoShopping App

LetsGoShopping is a GPS app that navigates inside grocery stores to quickly locate products and guide users through their shopping lists.



4th Place – $300

Dillon Congdon & Gabriel Torres

The Infinity Drill

The Infinity Drill is an industrial drill for remote control use in hazardous areas. It can be faced either vertically or horizontally and is capable of drilling down to 5,000 feet.




Honorable Mentions – $50

Miranda Ayala, Travis Confer & Sabian Bott

Rechargeable Light Bulb

The Rechargeable Light Bulb gains power simply from the light being turned on. It can even store a charge for a limited amount of time if the power goes out!


Kaylynn Balcom

Chironomy Sight

Chironomy Sight is a pair of glasses that provides real-time translation from ASL to spoken word, and vice-versa.


Cadence Conner


SafetyStart is a temperature controller for the interior of cars. If there is a dog or groceries left in the car, it automatically adjusts to a safe temperature.


Dawson Hampton

Hydraulic Car Jack

The Hydraulic Car Jack is a device that uses an air compressor to prop up a car with the push of a button.


Ethan Weston, Dalan Middleton & Prestyn Rayburn

Electronic Sidewalk (ES)

Electronic Sidewalk (ES) is an electronic plate system built into the ground to generate renewable energy from footsteps.


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