Congratulations to all the AIC 2016 Finalists!

These competitors will be attending the AIC final competition on Saturday, October 22 to present their innovative ideas and compete for the top prizes. Check out the event flyer for all the details and come cheer on your favorite idea!

The finalists and a brief description of their ideas are listed below in alphabetical order.


AIC Main Division 2016

Top 20 Finalists


Lance Ahern

Second Skin

Second Skin is a product that provides any user with all the benefits of biometric security without requiring the user to give up control over their fingerprints and palm prints.


Aditaya Akheramka, Huckleberry Hopper, Kushagra Saxena, and Aaron Cottle

Blue Energy

This idea, which produces methane and sequesters huge quantities of CO2 permanently, could alter the path taken by the Arctic regions and prevent irreversible environmental damage.


Jesse Atencio

Compressed Gas Transport Rack

The Compressed Gas Transport Rack is a device for safely transporting tanks filled with compressed gas, both inert and flammable, when an open air vehicle like a pickup truck is not available.


Justina Beagnyam

RecycleMe Burial Wraps

RecycleMe Burial Wraps are a unique, ecologically beneficial burial product grown from microorganisms. This beautifully designed, 100% biodegradable material is capable of concealing odors and supporting accelerated decomposition.


David Brannan and Dawson Brannan

Vertical Center Supports for Heavily Insulated Arctic Doors

Vertical Center Supports for Heavily Insulated Arctic Doors have the ability to save businesses and organizations money on their heating bill by allowing thicker, more heavily insulated, and structurally sound doors to be installed in large buildings in Arctic regions


Vincent Castro and Eric Solie


Attently is a cloud-based software service, which utilizes a video feed from a standard webcam or cellphone camera, calculating both the number of faces in view and the percentage of those faces which are actively paying attention in the direction of the camera.


Robb Coady

ATV/UTV Snowplow Blade with Accessory Fins

This ATV/UTV Snowplow Blade with Accessory Fins will cut the time it takes to plow almost in half.


Robb Coady

Weed & Ice Ripper

The Weed & Ice Ripper is a device for anyone with a gravel driveway who deals with weeds and grass growing in areas that don’t get much traffic, as well as the damage caused by ripping up the snow hard pack that occurs during break up.


Blake Cooper, James Lang, Zachary Chaves, and Ekaterina Nagibina


Hydro-Gen can be conceptualized as a water turbine that is meant to provide sustainable electricity in rural areas of Alaska. This turbine uses the flow of the river it occupies to generate electricity for a village.


Harrison DeSanto, Andrew Ladd, and Nathan Bauer

Activate Alaska LLC

Activate Alaska is a local project to manufacture activated carbon, derived from Alaska biomass for use in the growing markets of public, industrial, and consumer water filtration systems. To accomplish this, Activate Alaska LLC has developed processes and equipment that are patentable, and will produce activated carbon that can be competitively substituted for imported coconut-based activated carbon products.


Paul Doak

Air flow system for maintaining sewer systems in permafrost areas

This system prevents frost in the entire sewer system and vents out the end of the drain field; it also creates a negative air pressure in the home or business.


Shalane Frost

The NoseHat

The NoseHat is a malleable nose and cheek cover for use during outdoor recreation in winter. It is ergonomically designed to fit any face shape or nose size, while allowing unobstructed breathing during vigorous activities like Nordic skiing.


Alfred H. Gosuk, Paula Andra Aigner, and Golda Rankin


The GillRipper is a tool for use in fishing or environment settings for commercial or subsistence use; the tool will properly gill all fish effectively and easily.


Russell Krug

Bernoulli Wind Turbine

The Bernoulli Wind Turbine is a new design of wind turbine that addresses many of the problems with today’s wind generators by mounting the generator vertically and closer to the ground in a ducted enclosure.


Mark Melham

Passive Cooling of Permafrost Cellars in Arctic Communities

Passive Cooling of Permafrost Cellars in Arctic Communities employs modern plasticulture techniques in an attempt to limit thermal effects of solar radiation on permafrost cellar temperatures in rural Arctic villages.


William Naneng

All Terrain Vessel: Naneng Traveler

This innovation combines personal water craft “Jet Ski” and snow mobile chassis. The All Terrain Vessel would use both a marine system that creates a jet of water for propulsion and a recreational snow machine track to drive it through water and terrain.


Laura Oden, Celia Crosssett, and Ayla Rogers

Footwear for Unique Feet

This invention is offered by the first shoe company to design and market shoes specifically to people with medical conditions that cause swollen feet. Footwear for Unique Feet will expand on one foot, or on both feet, and the expansion is designed in unique areas to correspond with the true needs of this population


Nagarjuna Pamidi, Enzo Fochesatto, James Lang, and Conway Tomlinson


The V-Sponder is an autonomous medical emergency response system, which is a device intended to save people’s lives when their vitals reach a critical level and their judgement to respond is impaired. The V-Sponder introduces an intelligent way of monitoring a user’s vitals, such as core body temperature, heart rate, and physical movement, and sending an emergency message notifying the user’s health condition, including their location, using the embedded cellular network.


Mike Seper and Sean Solie

Zip VR – Zipline Safety Brake and Virtual Reality System

The Zip VR is a zipline safety braking system that was an improved safety system implemented at Eco Zipline Tours to allow guests greater control while ziplining. The design also incorporates virtual reality camera mounts in the front and back to film 360-degree views of the zipline experience.


Tamara Thompson

Foxtail Cutter

The Foxtail Cutter is a tool that cuts foxtail grass, prevents the seeds from spreading, and saves time for both dog mushers and livestock owners. The tool cuts off the heads of the plants with a cutting string and then sucks them up through a mulcher into a containment bag.



AIC JR Division 2016

JR Top 3 Finalists


Andrew Hanneman

The Clean Stack

The Clean Stack is an air filtration unit that attaches to chimneys and scrubs the air of smog and fine particulate matter. The Clean Stack would be connected to a battery unit that draws power from either solar panels, a heat powered wood stove fan, or a combination of both.


Ian Kenaston

Easy Transplant Pot

The Easy Transplant Pot is a simple, reusable pot that would make home growing of plants for food or decoration easier. When the plant grows and it becomes time to transplant, vertical latches on the sides of the pots can be undone and the plant, roots, and dirt will easily come out.


Collin Rogers and Jason Riggs

The Digital Delineator

The Digital Delineator is a laser apparatus in parking lots to project parking lines onto the snow, so that even after a fresh snow, drivers will know exactly where each space is.


JR Honorable Mentions


Maren Buma, Grace Farrell, and Darya Kholodova


Speak-EARS are wireless earbuds that are connected to an earring by a wire in a protective freeze-proof, break-proof casing. The earring also doubles as the charger input so when you open the earring there is a spot to plug in your charger.


Elaina Vander Plas & Harmony Laapui

The Thermo

The Thermo features the ability to regulate the temperature of any drink. It is compatible with any type of cup, plastic or glass, and will fit around any cup size or shape due to the Velcro on both sides.



AIC Cub Division 2016

Cub Top 3 Finalists


Kyle Fischer, Keiveri Flannery-Schutt, and Paul Melchert

The Lightning Lawn Razor

The Lightning Lawn Razor is a remote control car lawn mower that has a blade on the bottom to cut grass. The car has a cool design and the point of the car is to have fun while doing chores.


Gideon Illguth

Back Up Switch

The Back Up Switch is helpful for when the power goes out. It is a light bulb with a battery inside and a switch on the side to turn it on. The battery gets its power by charging itself when the power is still on.


Drake Slyker

Auto-Allergy Tester

The Auto-Allergy Tester is a machine that pricks your finger, and as the blood goes in the hole at the top, it goes inside a machine that tests to see what your allergies are. At the bottom, there is a convenient Band-Aid box and dispenser.


Cub Honorable Mentions


Gracy Culbert

Paw Eye See

Paw Eye See is an app where you can see, feed, and give water to your pet with just a tap of a button. It is an app that connects to a specially designed pet food and water container. The app allows you to see your pet with a high quality 360-degree camera and you can talk to your pet with the built in microphone


Drew Smith

Trash/Recycling Sorter

The Trash/Recycling Sorter is a device to get paper out of the trash can. When a piece of paper hits a piece of cardboard in the trash can, the paper will slide through the hole of the trash can and into the recycling bin.


Andrew Smoot

Arctic Heat Electricity

Arctic heat electricity is an idea to line the outside of a wood stove pipe with thermoelectric plates to produce electricity.


Paul Smoot

Ice Chopper

The Ice Chopper is an amphibian type excavator to break up the ice on rivers in the arctic in areas that are known for flooding.