Competition Judges – AIC 2016

Main Division Judges

Paul Robinson, Judges’ Chair


Robinson & Ward, PC

Kathryn Dodge

Assistant Professor / Economic Development Specialist

UAF School of Natural Resources and Extension

Tom Johnson

Research Engineer

Alaska Center for Energy and Power

Erica Betts

PDC Inc. Engineers

Nick Ferree

Civil Engineering In Training

PDC Inc. Engineers

Chris Miller


Design Alaska

Jon Bittner

Vice President

Anchorage Economic Development Corporation

Kathleen Hook

Environmental Program Manager

Doyon Utilities

Frank Paskvan

Prudhoe Bay Integration Manager


JR Division Judges

Bobby Hanson

Fountainhead Development Inc.

Wylie Rogers

The Wylie Post

Alissa Wood

Kinross Ft. Knox

Cub Division Judges

Denise Brottem

IDEA of Galena City Schools

Celine Grass

Kinross Ft. Knox

Mark Krautscheid

Catholic Schools of Fairbanks