Congratulations to all the AIC 2015 finalists!

All these competitors will be attending the AIC final competition on Saturday, October 17 to present their innovative ideas and compete for the top prizes. Check out the event flyer for all the details and come cheer on your favorite idea!

The finalists and a brief description of their ideas are listed below in alphabetical order.


AIC Main Division

Top 20 Finalists


Matthew Anctil

Handheld Microfluidics Photofluorometer

This product is a portable fluorometer specifically designed to carry into situations or regions where power outlets and computers are not readily available, for the purpose of emergency diagnosis and medical observation.


Edmond Apassingok

Cold Weather Welding Helmet

The Cold Weather Welding Helmet features a “snorkel type” tube with a disposable mouthpiece built in the welding helmet, with the end of the tube going out the side of the helmet.


Eric Bookless, Isaac Lammers, Daniel Sandstrom, and Neil Gotschall

Paraplegic Sit Ski

In order to accommodate the needs of paraplegic individuals and offer them the opportunity to live more self-sufficient lifestyles, a team of mechanical engineering students are constructing a cross county sit-ski.


Kelvin Brodersen

Cone Bung

The Cone Bung is a conical shaped, waterproof, hand-tightened bung cap for fuel drums.


Lyle Chesley and Hannah Gates

A Safety Device

This safety apparatus is designed to prevent residential electrical fires at their source.


Jeffrey H. Dean

Eye Leveler Gallery Pole

The Eye Leveler makes it possible to hang pictures at eye level quickly and easily.


Geoff Erwin

All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Scooter

This electric scooter was designed and built to be used year round in Arctic environments.


Simon Evans

Active Hydronic Ground Cooling Conversion System for Existing Passive Cooling Infrastructure

This invention converts a passive foundation cooling system to an active foundation cooling system.


Cameron Gackstetter

The ThawHead

The ThawHead is a portable, 40-pound apparatus which uses a two-stage process to first thaw ice and then remove the melt water and debris quickly and efficiently, exposing the interior of the container or area needing repair work.


Marc Golat, Gary Taylor, and Dustin Golat

Thread Wizard Bolt Cleaner

The Thread Wizard is a new bolt-cleaning tool invented in Fairbanks by a veteran master mechanic.


Bruno Grunau, Robbin Garber-Slaght, and Vanessa Stevens

The BrHEAThe System:  Integrated Heating and Ventilation

The Cold Climate Housing Research Center developed the BrHEAThe system to reduce energy costs for Alaskans while protecting their health. The system integrates heating (Heat) and ventilation (Breathe) to provide a continuous supply of warm, fresh air into the home.


Mark Gunkel, Nate Ayers, Eric Ulery, and Jake Minnillo

Tidal Pumped Hydro Storage

This project uses tidal power to pump seawater into elevated reservoirs.


Paul Kuhn

Ice vs. Erosion

This invention describes automated ice building to stop erosion at one-tenth the cost of conventional construction over a 30-year period.


Tom Lakosh

All Purpose Oil Spill Response Vessel

The All Purpose Oil Spill Response Vessel concept adapts a proven oil and ice separator developed by the Lamor Corporation into a vessel design that allows for effective spill recovery in the broadest range of conditions expected in a changing Arctic Ocean environment.


Parker Merrifield

Commercial & General Aviation Holo-HUD System

By integrating this new technology with existing aviation avionics, such at weather radar, and collision avoidance systems, HUD systems have the opportunity to drastically improve the safety of the aviation industry.


Duncan Meyers

Arctic Stone Products

Arctic Stone is a unique concrete that utilizes waste fly ash, waste expanded polystyrene foam (packaging foam/insulation), and Portland cement.


Marc Mueller-Stoffels and Jeremy Vandermeer

The ST100 Fast Signal Converter

The ST100 signal converter provides the capability to isolate and convert electrical (voltage or current) input signals at orders of magnitude higher speeds than currently available products.


Shane Ohms

Energy Efficient Transport

This idea proposes to run conductive metal underneath skis and heat it just enough to melt ice and create a layer of water between the skis and the ice, to decrease friction so the skis will glide down slopes that otherwise wouldn’t be tilted enough.


Joshua Swisher

Hot Ice Igloo

The Hot Ice Igloo originates with a familiar scientific demonstration of producing crystallization with sodium acetate and water. The innovative aspect comes in the utilization of the sodium crystals and the proposal that the sodium acetate solution could be poured into a preformed shape.


Dr. Peter Webley

Online Camera Archive and Analysis Environment (ONCE)

ONCE is a web-based environment that allows users to ‘add’ in their camera of choice; the system will then archive the data at the frequency specific by the user.

AIC JR Division

Top 3 Finalists

Kaylynn Balcom

Notice Me

This idea is for a set of headphones that is able to stop the music when they are no longer on your head. It would pause the sounds until the headphones are replaced on your head.


Samuel Gabe Greenberg and Kyle Hackett

Street Snow Searer

To solve the problem of snow piling up on roadways a large truck with a holding tank and a series of vacuums will suck up the snow, which will be heated in the tank and then dumped into the city sewer system or designated snow runoff area.


William DeWilde

Temperature Regulated Oven

A thermometer, which can be placed inside the meat or other food that is cooking, can regulate the oven temperature by either turning it off or switching to a lower temperature once the thermometer attains a certain temperature.

Honorable Mentions

Kaylynn Balcom – “Heat Me: Lunch Box”

Will Blanc and Marcellin Niset – “Rainproof Rucksak”

Marcellin Niset and William Blanc – “Xtratuf Flip-Flop”

AIC Cub Division

Top 3 Finalists

Corbin Becker

Plastic Digester for Recycling

This plastic digester degrades plastic in less than a year, using a metal tub, Sphingomonas and Pseudomonas spp. (aerobic soil bacteria), and some broth that the chemicals will live in; it also has utensils to stir up the broth and some tubing to aerate it.


Isaac Fisher

Fraction App

This game would make you use fractions to achieve a goal; as you get farther into the game the fractions would get progressively harder, thus making learning fractions fun.


Gage Tilly

Smoke Choke – Pollution Reduction for Wood Stoves

Smoke Choke uses an ESP (electrostatic precipitator) to reduce the particles of smoke escaping a wood stove chimney. When turned on, the smoke particles passing through are positively charged and are attracted to negatively charged plates; this takes the smoke particles out of the air stream.

Honorable Mentions

Cadence Conner and Ahnika Esteson – “Snowski”

Isaac Fisher – “Variable Gears”

Griffin Godines – “Soccer Helmets”