Age Group

Anyone ages 18 and up may enter the AIC Main Division.

Please note this refers to your age at the time of the competition – Saturday, October 21, 2017.

Main Division Prizes

1st Place$10,000
2nd Place$5,000
3rd Place$3,000
4th Place$1,000
Honorable Mentions$100
Fan Favorite$100

Kicker Prizes

Alaska College Student Kicker Prize

$2,000 prize for the best idea from an Alaska college student

Arctic Kicker Prize

$2,000 prize for the best arctic-related idea

Recycling Kicker Prize

$2,000 prize for the best idea related to reuse or recycling

AIC Submission Deadline is Friday, September 22, 2017

Submit an Idea

2016 First Place Winner

Vincent Castro & Eric Solie


Attently is a cloud-based software service, which utilizes a video feed from a standard webcam or cellphone camera, calculating both the number of faces in view and the percentage of those faces which are actively paying attention in the direction of the camera.