The competition is a few days away (Saturday, October 18).  The AIC committee thought it would be helpful for attendees and competitors alike to know a little more about competition day. Here is some FAQ and the competitor’s handbook for those putting the final touches on their preparations.

Competitor Handbook 2014.pdf

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long should I expect to be there?

If you’re competing in the main division, you should expect to be there for most of the day. Main division competitors must check in at 10:00am with the winner’s announcement by 5:00pm. Cub and Jr. competitors must check in at 1:00pm and are expected to stay until 5:00pm.

How formal will the event be?

Please wear at least business-casual clothing to the event. We recommend over-dressing rather than under-dressing.

Will there be food at the event?

Yes, we will provide snacks throughout the day, including water and coffee. There will also be a hot lunch served compliments of the AIC.

How many competitors will be presenting at the event?

In the main division, we will have 16 ideas being presented to our judges. There will be 3 ideas being presented in the Cub and 3 ideas presented in the Jr. divisions.

What is the Honorable Mention Award?

The Honorable Mention Award is given to the “runners-up” in each division. It is our chance to showcase the ideas that just missed being chosen to present at the competition. The Cub and Jr. Honorable Mentions have already been decided. The Main Honorable Mentions will be determined after the semi-finals (from 11:30 – 2:00 on Saturday, Oct. 18).

Will there be transportation to and from the event?

No. Competitors will need to find their own way to arrive to the event. Signs will be posted around the university to assist with parking and directions.

Will there be a projector provided at the event to help presenters?

Yes. The AIC will provide the necessary technology needed to present each of the competitor’s ideas. Presentations are due before

Does the Arctic Innovation Competition protect my idea from being taken and patented by someone else?  

As a finalist, once your idea is published, your idea is NOT protected by the AIC. We highly recommend applying for a provisional patent BEFORE presenting your idea in our competition. To protect your idea with a provisional patent, please visit this website.