2009 Main Division Winners

1st Place – $10,000

Sid Coy and Chris Hunter

Battery Controller

The battery controller with a bank of batteries allows the power needed to be provided by one battery while the remainder rest and or recharge. This idea arose through frustration with short power use between charges. The controller allows for longer battery use and could also allow less frequent charging. This circuit has be tested and confirmed to add 20% to 300% longer battery life.

2nd Place – $5,000

Bruce Kraft

Efficient Refrigeration

This refrigeration capitalizes on zeolite’s unusual absorption qualities to liquefy the refrigerant. It is basically a low cost, low energy refrigeration unit that wouldn’t require a conventional compressor and would have essentially no moving parts.

3rd Place – $2,500

Franklin Eagle & Kathy Lavelle

Restaurant Seating

When large parties converge in a restaurant and pull together tables to accommodate them, the seating capacity of a restaurant goes down. This table bridge turns two four-top tables into aa twelve top which increases the restaurant’s capacity. The table bridge pays for itself in days in extra seating capacity and customer satisfaction.

4th Place – $500

Jared Post

Electric Cord Locking Cap (Snug Plug)

This idea is a locking cap to prevent unwanted electrical usage. It could either keep kids away from these disallowed activities or used for other safety reasons such as placing over irons to prevent fires.

Honorable Mentions – $100

  • Jerome Anderson – Roadside Lug nut Removal

  • Edmond Apassingok – Aksik clip-on Radiator

  • Gang Chen – Ice and Snow Removal Tool

  • Pat Farrell – Insulated Shutter System

  • Nowell Grothe & Sean Bogren – Head bolt Heater Controller

  • Todd Hanson – Pulling Shive

  • Derek Hendrickson – Remote sensing Oil level

  • Joshua Holbrook & Lisa Anders – Heated Walkway

  • Pete Johnson – Green Building Material

  • Benjamin Kellie, Patrick Callaghan, Chase Rixie, Tyler Payment & Rick Miller – Small Scale Wind Turbine

  • Peggy Outwater & Jack Omelak – Stroller Skis

  • Helena Rueter – Heat Pumps

  • Jake Sirevaag – Winter Vehicle Transaction

  • Alfred Smits – Microwave Calculator

  • Christopher Tilly – GPS Hunting Regulation

  • Brooke Whipple – Belt or Backpack buddies


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