2010 Main Division Winners

1st Place – $10,000

Chris Hunter

Arctic Electric Vehicle

This concept looks at creating an electric car that has the ability to operate under subzero temperatures. The proposed idea is a retrofit kit that could be installed by mechanics with costs similar to that of an internal combustion engine. The contestant claims that a prototype is near completion. Chris funded this idea with his prize money from the 2009 AIC competition and continued to develop his end goal of a vehicle that is able to travel extended periods of time without having to charge.

2nd Place – $5,000

Kevin Tubbs

Green Carbonated Beverage Container

This idea is a revolutionary new design for storing carbonated beverages. It can store the beverage for longer periods of time and is made from a combination of laminates including a biodegradable corn based laminate, an ultra thin layer of plasticized aluminum and other proprietary layers. With this idea it could change how beverages are bottled and distributed worldwide.

3rd Place – $2,500

John Heinrichs, Dan Lepley,
Donavan Glad &
Travis Stewart

Graduated Backboard

This idea would be used to transport patients from the field to an ambulance while being properly weighed. This would ensure that the patient is given the correct dosages of medicine. The backboard would also have the ability to send via Bluetooth information to ‘Phone application software’ that could ensure the maximum safety of the patient.

4th Place – $500

William Manning

Oil Fired Blue Flame Burner

This idea is a burner designed to produce a blue flame. Blue flames average between 1,200F and 1,600F using similar amounts of fuel. Blue flame means complete combustion of fuel and less environmental emissions. This idea involves a high-speed fuel valve, an air control system, and a burner control able to determine the correct air fuel mix to maintain proper combustion. This stove gives users a hotter burning flame that is more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Honorable Mentions – $100

  • Jerry Hansen – Arctic Inrinsic Light Tower

  • Sheridan Heinrichs – Sound Activated Crib Mobile with voice-recording options

  • Sheridan Heinrichs – Temperature Controlled Automatic Garage Door

  • Andrew Holland – Permafrost Foundation Design

  • Zachary Jacobs – Automotive Hobby Shop for the Public

  • Ty Keltner – Geopolymers: Pollution reduction and alternative building materials

  • Debbie Kissinger – Personal tooth plaque remover

  • Dale Rooney – Electrical grid demand management

  • Zack Self – Integral Cell Phone Charger

  • Max Stanley & Chris Hinkley – Remote Medical Cast/Splint

  • Christopher Tilly – Car/truck accessory Emergency sand appliance

  • Patrick Wade – Oil Funnel that comes with the Oil

  • Edward Ward – M.E.R.S.A decontamination with 445nm laser

  • Peter Williams – Arctic Eden, Bunkbed Garden, Bookself Garden


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