2011 Main Division Winners

1st Place – $10,000

Billy Koitzsch & Bob Ostrom


A winter hydration system with a heating element inside the drinking tubes. HydroHeater thaws the tube in even the very coldest conditions, lessening the potentially life-threatening risk of dehydration. With the HydroHeater, users never have to worry about their hydration system freezing.

2nd Place – $5,000

Jeremiah Costly

Reciprocating File

Allows motorized movement of a bastard file. This product is the only of its type to utilize an ordinary blade as its coupler, eliminating need for moving parts and allowing further use of dull blades. Whatever the material, the Reciprocating File makes short work of the task at hand.

3rd Place – $3,000

Joshua Resnick & Seraphim McGann

Power-Dense Motor for Marine Applications

Modifying an existing three-phase motor, the power-dense motor (PDM) aims to solve the problem of high-cost, diesel-electric propulsion motors used on fishing boats. The PDM would provide a low-cost way for fishing boats to increase efficiency and use less fuel, while featuring a low engine room profile and elegant twin-prop design.

4th Place – $2,000

Edward Ashby

Individual Assisting Device for Bathtubs

This removable device sits in a bathtub and supports a person who would otherwise be unable to bathe unassisted. The device operates using a hydraulic jack and wouldn’t require an electric power source. This device could be used in private residences to aid the elderly or handicapped, as well as in assisted-living facilities.

Honorable Mentions – $100

  • Josh Bennett – Insulated, Exhaust-Vent Cover
  • Tamara Byrd & Jane Moore – Logger’s Buddy
  • Dayne Ellanna – Portable, Renewable-Energy Unit
  • Michael Golub – Ultra-Efficient Personal Transportation
  • Karina Huffaker – Airplane Sleeping Trays
  • Tom A. Johnson – Backrack
  • Tom H. Johnson – Open-Neutral Compensation for Residential Power Problems
  • Shaun Milke – No-Line Dust Pan
  • Ralph Moore – Variable Valve Actuation Camshaft
  • Aaron & Shannon Mosdal – Arctic Accumulator Engine Start Assist
  • Carl Olson – Micro-Processor, Controlled-Air Adjustment for Household Boilers
  • Julia Phillips – Flashing Emblem Creates Safer Roads in Winter
  • Shane Powers – Advanced Tracheal Device
  • Pete Seims – Heated Trailer Brakes
  • Isaac Thompson – Cold-Weather, Energy-Dense Battery
  • Sabrina Yarsley – Temporary, Sunscreen-Reminder Tattoos


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