2013 Main Division Winners

1st Place – $10,000

Mickey Renkert

Tape Boss

This idea is a time-saving, seven-function caulking tool with all you need for caulking and painting perfect paint-lines in one place. Aimed at home owners, renters, and small contractors who want better results than traditional tools provide.

2nd Place – $5,000

Brian McKinnon

Alumaski for Alaskan Rivers

A wide range of customers would benefit from this rugged personal watercraft designed for Alaska rivers. This personal watercraft can carry over 1,000 pounds, reaching speeds over 70 mph, all while burning only 2.8 gallons an hour.

3rd Place – $2,000

Mark Gunkel

Spot on Bow Sight

This device reduces the amount of guesswork when taking a shot with a bow. Using laser technology, this invention allows the shooter to approximate arrow trajectory within two inches over 50 yards.

4th Place – $1,000

Rick Patton

Food Smoke Adaptor

This aparatus changes an outdoor cooking system into a meat smoker. Adaptable These systems include gas grills, Coleman stoves, Sterno heat cans, and propane or electrical heating elements. Simply place on top of your cooking system without need to permanently modify the cooking system itself.

Honorable Mentions – $100

Travis Blackman

Tooth-Mounted, Rechargeable, Audiovisual Camera (Trav-Cam)

This idea aims at benefitting not only companies, but also individuals and families in capturing moments from a unique and never before available vantage point. This is accomplished by putting a camera inside of a mouth-guard, allowing whoever watches the video to see and hear roughly from the perspective of the person operating the camera. This lightweight real time transmitter could be of value to the military, law enforcement agencies, as well as the film, television, and video game industries. Using a 3D-printer and working with the head of graphic imaging at IBM, this idea claims to be of importance to many fields.

Kan Cheng

Fuel-Air Hybrid Engine

This idea proposes a to air-intake inefficiency found in piston engines. This inefficiency is due to (1) narrow air intake windows and (2) high heat generation. Current solutions include turbochargers and superchargers, but they are not able to resolve the structural defect. The Fuel-Air Hybrid directly injects pre-compressed, pre-cooled air into the combustion chamber. With its discrete structure, the Fuel-Air Hybrid boosts efficiency for both air compression and gas expansion. This type of engine can be used for both light passenger vehicles as well as heavy-duty trucks. This idea claims to improve our environment by improving energy efficiency.

Jon Christensen

Cargo Keeper – A Useful Pickup Tonneau

This idea aims to create a pickup tonneau with increased versatility. The tonneau is composed of four panels, two on each side of the pickup. The panels can be unfolded to create a taller space for the pickup bed box. This would allow for more cargo to be hauled, such as wood and gravel. Or, the panels can be folded down to protect the contents within. This idea could benefit everyone who owns a pickup truck and wishes to have a secure, flexible cover. This idea claims that people would be willing to pay over $1500 for a tonneau such as this one.

Mitchell Davidson

Follow The Leader – GPS Hat

This idea aims to provide an entertaining away to find your way around on foot. With a Bluetooth enabled hat and a red light projecting a red arrow on the ground in front of you, the Follow The Leader – GPS Hat promotes a sense of adventure. Moreover, with its’ built-in GPS technology, it could be useful for those who go without a keen sense of direction. Currently, there are no GPS-projection headgear products on the market. This idea claims to be inexpensive, novel, and fun.

Robert Steven Downer

Metroknob – Electric Guitar Knob

This idea aims to add a feature to the electric guitar by providing a knob replacement/add-on. This knob has a built in speaker, and in the normal position it functions just like a guitar volume knob. Pull it out and the knob starts ticking so the guitarist can hold rhythm. By rotating the knob in this position the ticking will become more or less frequent. This idea would benefit guitarists during practice sessions by ensuring that a lightweight metronome is always handy. This idea claims to have an extreme amount of potential for profit, as it is adaptable to millions of existing and vintage electric guitars.

Jason Edwards

Wheelchair Retractable Studs

This idea aims to make wheelchairs safer in icy, arctic conditions. Designed for puncture proof tires, the studs can protrude through the tops of the tires on the wheelchair. Then, when no longer needed, the studs may be retracted back into the wheel. This idea is a solution to problems that occur in situations such as when customers are unable to enter buildings because of icy parking lots. With particularly strong winds, safety hazards start to arise. This idea claims that it is a necessity rather than a luxury.

Theo Graber

The Delta-T Wood Stove Generator

This idea aims to take the energy produced by wood-burning stoves and harness it with a thermoelectric generator. The Delta-T Wood Stove can generate electricity whenever the stove is burning by using the thermoelectric effect. This generator is a simple plug and play style device that requires only minimal maintenance. Because many Alaskans primarily use wood as their heat source, this idea could produce a lot of impact here in the arctic. This idea claims to be a simple, well-designed device that satisfies a need.SolarCross e-bike

Terry Hope

SolarCross e-bike

This idea takes a standard bicycle and equips it with solar panels. As solar cell technology advances, this bicycle will become increasingly useful. Unlike current solar bikes on the market today, which only charge using solar panels, this bike will charge as you are biking around using the solar power to propel you forward. That’s not all, you can also pedal the bike you increase speed and with little effort. This green technology claims to be able to begin operating with only 3 volts.

Amy Jenson

Safe and Sound

This idea aims at improving safety for individuals who enjoy listening to music in situations that may pose potential risks. These situations include going for a jog in an urban city, where music can make it hard to hear car horns. A type of headphones, Safe and Sound provide a safe way to crank up your music. When the external decibels reaches a certain level, Safe and Sound headphones would turn off temporarily so that you can react to your surroundings. Not only would Safe and Sound be useful to users, but also to the advantage of drivers and other pedestrians. This idea claims that it could be easily worth 10’s of millions of dollars over the next decade.

Les Kalman

Fluoridated Beeswax: Honeyflo

Honeyflo is an infusion of fluoride into beeswax to provide an effective way to prevent cavities and improve oral health. Currently, cavities and periodontal disease remain prevalent in the modern world, and especially within indigenous populations. Unlike some fluoride products, Honeyflo is a solid, and so the concerns of spill pollution are somewhat relieved. You can simply break off a piece and chew this product to directly deliver fluoride to your teeth. This idea claims to be a step back into simplicity with a cost-effective approach.

Tonie Mbuik

2 in 1 Oral Cleaner

This idea presents a solution to cleaning out your mouth in a safer, less aggressive way. Studies show that the most common location for mouth related halitosis is the tongue. However, current methods for cleaning the tongue are either ineffective or too aggressive, which may damage the taste buds. Instead, this 2 in 1 oral cleaner uses vacuum technology to safely clean the tongue. This idea claims that about 10% of the world population would want this device at 16 USD per set.

Daniel Peters

Remote Wall Insulating Panels

This idea aims at improving the insulation in remote walls. It proposes an insulation panel that can be used while constructing remote walls. Such walls can have an insulation value of R-45, which is the highest value achievable. This panel is six inches thick and has an estimated value of R-26. This idea varies from other panels in thickness, size, and the method of attachment to eliminate conduction through screws. This idea claims to be able to save money through both energy conservation and more efficient building.

Charles Russell

Visual Fuel-Sump for Checking Water Contamination

This idea aims to provide an inspection device for fuel tanks that minimizes hazards and potential messes. The problem arises out of water contaminating fuel tanks. Current methods use an external device to remove the fuel and then put it back into the tank after inspection. In contrast, this idea allows the user to permanently install the component, which can then provide a visual display of the water contamination on a dashboard. By using the differential between water mass and fuel mass, this device can remove the water through a drain manipulated by the operator. This idea claims it would reduce hazard during disposal for both the environment and for the person operating the device.

Tara Rystad

Adjustable Setting Block for Glass Work

This idea was inspired by the need to improve efficiency when installing glass handrails. As it is, glass handrail installation requires many man-hours to manually level the glass. While there are setting blocks out there, they require the use of a shim as well. This setting block can provide both functions without having to adjust the equipment, saving both time and money. This sort of invention would benefit the glazing industry by limiting labor costs and making it easier to install handrail. This idea wishes to sell the idea to a company that is currently producing setting blocks.

Robert and Sharon Sjordal

Firewood Chopping Table

This idea aims to provide an ergonomic solution to chopping wood. This table is placed at a convenient height for wood splitting, and the sides are designed to contain the split wood, thereby removing the hassle of having to chase wood that has gone flying after being chopped. These factors make chopping wood go by quicker and with less risk of injury from axes glancing off, as seen with a conventional chopping block. This idea claims to simply make sense and improve safety.

Ryan Williams-Cudo

Northslope Pykrete Ice Roads

This idea proposes to use Pykrete for roads and platforms on north-slope oil fields. Pykrete is a term used to describe a material made from sawdust and water mixed at a certain weight ratio such that it has strength properties exceeding that of concrete. Moreover, this material does well in the cold and in extreme conditions. In Alaska, due to frigid temperatures, ice roads often arise as a necessity for productivity. Pykrete offers itself as a replacement material. This idea claims to reduce labor costs since Pykrete uses less water, has more strength, and lasts for a longer time than current ice roads.

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