2014 Cub Division Winners

1st Place – $500

Lewis Enterkin

Wood Stove Temperature Alarm

This idea uses a bi-metallic spring to open and close a circuit, which activates an alarm when a woodstove gets too hot.

2nd Place – $300

Maggie Druckenmiller


This idea, magnetic buttons, is for the elderly and people who have trouble buttoning up their shirts, dresses, jackets, etc.

3rd Place – $200

Amanda Elliott

Anti-Graffiti App

This is an Anti-Graffiti App that can be downloaded onto an iPhone or iPad, which will allow someone to report graffiti in urban areas more effectively.

Honorable Mentions – $25

Riga Grubis

Inversion Clock

Kayla Tyree

Dog Booties with Suspender System

Molly Wilson

Doggie Doorbell

Kieran Wright

Book Locating System

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