2014 JR Division Winners

1st Place – $500

Dylan Story & Cameron Hartman

Ice Pack Band Aid

Ideal for sports, this idea is a product that has two ways of helping to treat injuries – a bandage and an ice pack.

2nd Place – $300

Adam Ripley

Protex Tear-Detecting Latex Technology

This product is a tear-detecting latex technology known as Protex that can be applied to condoms and latex medical gloves.

3rd Place – $200

Liam Chambers, Jaidyn Crane, Alan DeWilde & Alyssa Imbach

Build a Better Bus

This product redesigns the interior of current school buses by replacing the large, overpowered heaters with smaller, lighter, and more compact heaters placed above windows at frequent intervals.

Honorable Mentions – $25

Caleb Gorda

Conveyor Shoe

Ella Kuhn

Berry Leaf Strainer

Aaron Partnow


Download the Winners Sheet

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